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I believe every woman deserves a beautiful image of herself. Boudoir has given me that drive to prove to all women that they are worth it. Think I can't make you "look like those other girls"? Let me prove your ass WRONG. It's for everybody and every woman. I embrace all body types in my studio to show you that you can be feminine, sexy, and confident! Anyone who has ever felt less than pretty, not skinny enough, too old, too tall...whatever! Let me show you how to feel good about yourself in the body you have now.

Trust that I will guide you every step of the way to bring out that inner beauty that I see in all of you. I don't expect you to walk off the runway and know what to do! That's my job! Just show up, get your hair did, try on some beautiful clothes, and RELAX! I got you.

Not only do these images make a great gift for your spouse or loved one, but it's the most important gift is for yourself! Believe in yourself a little bit more.

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